Friday, March 06, 2020

Great Reviews for "The Unplanned Life"

Fellow authors, broadcasters, and educators review Badesch’s memoir

The book doesn’t even come out until next month, but the people who have read the galleys are gushing. The Unplanned Life is available for pre-order now…

“You may think you know Roger Badesch if you have listened over the years to his exact and artful news reports on radio, but between the covers of this book you will find so much more–a man of great depth, many passions and skills. His is a wonderful life that you can now share.”
–Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune, WGN Radio

“The phrase ‘Been There, Done That’ has never been more true than when describing the indefatigable Roger Badesch. Not only is he a noted media figure, educator, and beloved character in the Chicago area, but with the publication of THE UNPLANNED LIFE he adds to that list Writing Superhero for sharing with us his very well-lived life through a story extremely well-told.”
–Tom Blomquist, Author of Silent Partners & Eye of the Storm

“Roger and I go back over 50 years to when he was a high school student and I was the TV Director for Evanston Township High School. Then again when I was TV Producer-Director for Southern Illinois University and Roger was an enthusiastic RTV Major. He worked on several of my shows including one with Billy Joel and one with the rock band Brownsville Station. I went on to co-create and direct PBS’ Austin City Limits, and Roger went on to become an anchor for WGN Radio News. His story is bound to be a good one!”
–Bruce Scafe, co-creator, Austin City Limits

“Chicago is a big, beautiful place. Roger Badesch has made it more beautiful. Roger has spent a lifetime of working with a generation of young people from some of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods on Chicago’s tough South and West sides.Roger’s innate ability to facilitate students and allow them to create honest, original stories predates Black Lives Matter; providing them with the tools to create critically acclaimed, award winning films, videos and media projects. These productions inspired and brought honor to his students, and the Chicago Public Schools. The current renaissance of film and video in Chicago and elsewhere can in part be directly connected to Roger.”
–Tim Tuten, Former Manager of High School Media Relations Chicago Public Schools / Former Director of Special Projects, Partnerships and Events U.S. Department of Education

“This book’s cover photo was taken on a night we’ll never forget. Trust us, we never had a night like that on the radio before or since and, along with our WGN radio listeners, were praying that Roger would survive. Spoiler alert: He did! In this book Roger shares the details of that night and other adventures, including his time with Chicago’s first black mayor, Harold Washington, and first woman mayor, Jane Byrne. “The Unplanned Life” of this man we’re so proud to call a friend was obviously part of a bigger plan. Thankfully, he listened to the universe and went along for the ride. Buckle up, it’s a good one!”
–Steve King & Johnnie Putman, award-winning Chicago broadcasters and authors

“Roger Badesch is like an onion. He has many layers and if you’re too close to him for any length of time you’ll cry. The tears will be caused by laughter, sympathy or the act of shaking your head wildly in disbelief. If you’ve listened to Roger on the radio, you’ve no doubt experienced all three. I know I have. With “The Unplanned Life,” Roger regales us with the story of a life that is funny, tragic, hopeful, at times idiotic, but always endearing. You’ll want to laugh with him, cry with him, hug him and shake some sense into him all at the same time. Finally we can stop saying “Wait, what did he just say?” when Roger finishes a story. We can re-read his various tales and marvel at how a kid from Chicago could have enjoyed such a full and undoubtedly unplanned life. Just remember, if he offers you a ride home in a snowstorm…take the bus!”
–Brian Noonan, Radio Personality/Comedian/Roger’s On-Air Foil