Friday, June 01, 2007

New York, New York

This weekend I'm in New York on "$everance" related business.

I have, however, left you with a few things to read while I'm gone.

This is only my third trip to New York. My first trip to New York occured in 1999, when I won a national writing contest. The grand prize was a trip a to New York to tour publishing houses and meet best-selling authors. To read all about that trip (which eventually led to my writing career), click here: The Man with the World's Longest Name

Larry Potash of WGN-TV writes a column for the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye every Friday. This week it's about my book $everance: How to get back at an annoying boss

The latest Chicago Radio Spotlight has already been posted. This week I interviewed the Drive's Bob Stroud.

There are only a few more days of school left this year. You know what that means...the return of The Fight Board!