Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Living Wills Comes Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the official release date of "The Living Wills". I'm really looking forward to getting my greasy little fingers on the actual books.

Over the past ten days or so, we've been giving you little hints and previews of what you will find in the pages of this exciting new novel by Eckhartz Press authors Brendan Sullivan and Rick Kaempfer.

We've mentioned the unique plot lines, and the great Chicago locations, but we haven't really talked about the characters in the book. Who are these people living in the pages of "The Living Wills."

Well, you'll meet the following people: Baristas, Vietnam Veterans, Corporate Fish Accountants, Hot-shot young Lawyers, Parking Garage Attendants, Port-a-Potty Salesmen, Truckers, Librarians, Campers, Wisconsinites, Bowlers, Drunks, Recovered Drunks, Homeless People, Carpet Executives, Real Estate Agents, Doctors, Babysitters, and Children.

Remember that even though it sounds like an odd mixture, the Chicago Tribune's Rick Kogan points out that it's "Rollicking and real on so many levels..."

He would know.

If you haven't ordered it yet, here's where to go. Be among the lucky people to get a copy of the First Edition.

We'll finally get our hands on it tomorrow. It will be in your hands shortly thereafter.