Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cubs 365, May 8

On this day in 1963, Cubs pitcher Bob Buhl ended his long nightmare.

Pitchers are not supposed to be great hitters, but Bob Buhl took that concept to a whole different level.

His record setting streak began in 1961, when he was still with the Milwaukee Braves. That year he got a whopping 4 hits in 60 at bats, and struck out 30 times. But he really took it up a notch when he joined the Cubs in 1962. That year he went the entire season without getting a single hit. He was 0-70 and struck out 36 times. He didn't get another hit until May 8, 1963, when he slapped a single off Pirates pitcher Al McBean, who probably was razzed about it by his teammates the rest of his career.

Buhl's record still stands today; 88 consecutive at bats without getting a hit.

Luckily for Buhl, he was a pretty good pitcher. He pitched in the big leagues for 15 seasons and won 15 or more games five times, including once with the incredibly lousy 1964 Cubs. Buhl even managed to do something completely foreign to his Cubs teammates.

He won a World Series ring (with the 1957 Milwaukee Braves).