Thursday, March 21, 2013

Behind the Scenes with John Landecker and Rick Kogan at the Chicago Tribune

This was our first time visiting the internet hub of the Chicago Tribune, their webcasting headquarters. The television studio is right in the middle of the newsroom. (Those are real life Tribune reporters doing their job in the background). By the way, if you’ve ever wondered–newsrooms are not at all like they appear in the movies. They aren’t loud and boisterous–this one was as quiet as a library. I felt like I should have been whispering.

We were lucky enough to have John interviewed by another Chicago legend, Tribune reporter and feature columnist Rick Kogan. Rick and John got along great on the air today. Kogan also interviewed us for his upcoming Sunday column in the Tribune, “Sidewalks”. A Tribune photographer was on hand taking pictures of John and me. Look for those photos in this weekend’s newspaper.

John will be back on the air with Rick Kogan on his radio show (NPR–WBEZ) next week. Details in the Eckhartz Press calendar.

More photos at the Eckhartz Press blog.