Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dan Burns, Inside the Writer's Brain

Eckhartz Press author Dan Burns has his own website, and has been contributing blog entries.

I particularly enjoyed this one, called "A Thousand Different Faces".

Here's an excerpt...

"Unless a writer writes solely for himself, for his own personal enjoyment, the goal of the writer is to get at least one other person to read something he wrote. If that one person, the reader, was to use her hard-earned money to purchase something he wrote, even better. If that single reader was to go even further and do something crazy, like actually read what he wrote, then hallelujah! And if the stars were perfectly aligned and it was “in the cards” and if that single reader made the effort to share a comment about the writing, then as a writer, he would have hit the jackpot, would have experienced the Grand Slam of Writing."

If you'd like to get inside the writer's brain, Dan's blog post is a nice start.

If you'd like to read what all the fuss is about, Dan's novel "Recalled to Life" is available right here on the Eckhartz Press website.