Thursday, October 16, 2014

What's Wrong With Talk Radio?

Today's Tom Taylor NOW column has this as the lead story today...

New Bridge Ratings study about talk radio says “One thing that stands out is listener fatigue.” Dave Van Dyke gets specific about the syndrome – it’s related to “talk radio topics and the frequency with which they air.” He says in the 15 years he’s been tracking news/talk, “news information has become oversaturated, particularly in the political news coverage arena.”

Totally true. It takes hard work to come up with new and compelling topics instead of repeating/recycling the same topics every day. But when there are multiple outlets offering the same thing, you have no choice. Even within the political bubbles (on both sides), it gets tedious hearing the same thing every single day. Be as conservative or liberal as you want. But don't give up being innovative and/or creative.