Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not on the Market

I got a call yesterday from a nationally syndicated radio show asking me if I would be willing to come back to radio to produce their show. They said they had read my book ("The Radio Producer's Handbook") and that I would be perfect for the job.

Is it a bad thing that I laughed when they said that?

I meant no offense. It's not the first offer I've had in the past few years, but it's the first offer (And it was a nice offer) that made me realize my radio producing days were officially over. I knew it the second I heard my name and "radio producer" in the present tense.

"You're asking the 51-year-old me?" I thought to myself.

That's hilarious. You don't want me. You want the young me; the one who wrote the book more than ten years ago. I haven't seen that guy since my kids were babies. Unless you want wacky bits about paying your kids' college tuition or getting your AARP card in the mail (and you don't--this is a show for 20-somethings), I'm probably not the right guy.

But I do appreciate the offer.