Monday, December 22, 2014

An E-book Gifting Tutorial

Don't forget our big Christmas seller "Father Knows Nothing" is now available as an e-book at amazon. You can pick it with a single click, right here: FATHER KNOWS NOTHING e-book.

It only costs $5.99.

Were you hoping to buy "Father Knows Nothing" as a present for someone else? You can do that with an e-book too. It's actually one of the most perfect late Christmas gifts you can purchase, if you think about it. There's no delivery required. This little graphic will show you how to do it...

How to do e-book

Nearly every Eckhartz Press book is also available as an e-book.


You can find their e-books here...

Rich King's Back in the Game

John Records Landecker's Records Truly Is My Middle Name

Bruce Bohrer's Best Seat in the House: Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher

Joel Daly's The Daly News

David Stern's The Balding Handbook

This Eckhartz Press author (Randy Richardson) has two books available as an e-book...

Lost in the Ivy


And that's not all (he said, using his best K-tel Records voice). These two guys below (Rick Kaempfer and Brendan Sullivan) wrote the very first book for Eckhartz Press, which was also our very first e-book.

The Living Wills E-book

Wait a minute? Isn't that Rick guy also the same guy who wrote Father Knows Nothing? And isn't that available as an e-book now too?

Yes it is. Right here.

And please, if you do purchase any of our e-books via amazon, review the books there, especially if you like them.

That's a good way to help us spread the word.

Thanks to everyone, and happy holidays!