Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reader Reviews for Father Knows Nothing

The reviews are starting to come in via amazon readers. Here are a few excerpts from those 5-star reviews...

"I knew he was a good writer, but I didn't know exactly HOW good. Few books, even very funny ones, make me laugh out loud. Father Knows Nothing did, several times. And not just chuckles either, but LAUGHS. Rick is a funny guy, and even funnier in written form. I started reading it on Christmas Day, and finished the next day. This, with two little kids running around. THAT'S how good it is."

""Father Knows Nothing" is laugh out loud funny! I can't decide if it is a work of complete fiction, or the most insightful book on parenting that I have ever read."

If you've read the book, please add your reviews too. Every little bit helps to spread the word. Thanks!

I'll be back on the air tomorrow morning promoting it in my college town of Champaign Urbana. Looking forward to it.