Monday, September 28, 2015

Julie DiCaro

Sometimes Twitter can be a very scary place. Just ask the Score's Julie DiCaro. Larz at Chicagoland Radio & Media has the details from Friday...

WSCR-AM/670 The Score daytime update anchor Julie DiCaro is not at work today. She made the decision to stay away due to threats made towards her on Twitter yesterday. As DiCaro has been sending out Twitter updates and reporting on-air updates about the constantly twisting and ever-changing Patrick Kane rape allegation situation, Internet trolls, who only want to hear good things about Kane, have attacked her. The attacks have become uglier in the last day. One Twitter idiot said DiCaro should be "hit in the head" and "killed." Another threatened her and places she frequents daily. As a former criminal and family law attorney, as well as a rape victim, DiCaro has been able to deliver incredibly intelligent and insightful commentary on the situation, not found elsewhere on the radio or online. Sadly, that doesn't stop the morons of the world from attacking her while behind a keyboard. Out of caution, steps are being taken to make sure some unstable person doesn't try to step away from the keyboard and do something even worse in person.