Friday, January 08, 2016

Terri Hemmert to Have Cancer Surgery

She made the announcement yesterday. This is part of her statement on the WXRT website...
I went to my doctor with a symptom that needed to be checked out. After going through a bunch of tests I had some polyps removed in November. They were benign, and I went right from the hospital to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Things seemed fine. Until I found out I have cancer. I went in for my follow up appointment just a couple days before Thanksgiving. Thought it would be high fives for the surgery. The bad news was that they found cancer behind the polyps. The good news is it’s early…stage one. More good news is I have a great medical team who didn’t give up testing. Tomorrow will be my last show for awhile. I’ll be going in for surgery Monday, and will need at least a month to recuperate. I asked if they could just flip me over and do the back surgery while I was there, but that’s not possible. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Beginning this Sunday Breakfast With The Beatles will be one hour long, from 9 to 10 am. I didn’t want to leave you without at least an hour of the fabs. Back to 2 hours when I get back to work.
She's going to be out an estimated six weeks. Tons of prayers and support are headed in this Chicago broadcasting legend's direction.