Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump Threatens NY Times

You see, he's not just running against Crooked Hillary now. He's running against the Crooked Media. You know, the guys who have given him billions of dollars of free publicity. Those guys. The guys he craves attention from like it's the only oxygen he can breathe.

His latest target: The New York Times. He's threatening to revoke their press credentials because of a story he disagrees with. You know, like presidents do. He's also saying that the only way he could lose is if Hillary cheats, even though she now has double-digit leads in polls in most of the swing states. Obviously those polls are rigged. Look at his crowds! Bigly.

And yet, this weekend I spoke with two more people who seem completely reasonable in every other way, who are thinking of voting for Trump because they think Hillary is worse. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a Hillary fan, but this is not a difficult decision. Just listen to this man speak for more than thirty seconds, and then imagine him representing the United States around the world for the next four years.

What am I missing?