Friday, September 16, 2016

He is still a birther

This country cannot elect someone who believes the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all-time. He really believes it. He still WILL NOT say that Obama is born in America.

Until he says the words, it should be brought up again and again. What happened to those investigators you sent to Hawaii who "can't believe what they're finding"?

I mean, seriously, holy crap. He really believes that Obama's mother secretly had him in Africa, took out an ad in an American newspaper announcing the birth (just in case he ever went into politics...a mixed race child in 1961), and then snuck back into the country. Then, he believes (and he really does believe this) that Obama got through school strictly because of Affirmative Action--that people don't remember him in school (despite lots of people that do), that Obama won't release his school records because of this.

And he wonders why black people will not vote for him. Honestly, it's the biggest reason I will never consider him. Anyone who believes that ridiculous story is a stone-cold racist. Period.

The Washington Post fact checks his ridiculous statement from last night. He's now blaming the Hillary campaign for beginning the birther movement and that only he had the courage to get an answer for her about the birth certificate.

This man is unhinged.

LATE UPDATE: He admits Obama is an American now. No apology. No regrets. Still pushing bullshit that Hillary started this. Here's a reality check. The guy is full-fledged birther.