Monday, October 03, 2016

Who Will Win the World Series?

Jason Stark of ESPN picks the Red Sox, which I think is a pretty solid pick. They look very strong.

He also surveyed the general managers in MLB and asked them who they thought would win it.

American League Favorite (or Most-Feared Team)
Red Sox 16
Rangers 7
Blue Jays 2

National League Favorite (or Most-Feared Team)
Cubs 13
Dodgers 10
Nationals 2

World Series Winner
Cubs 7
Red Sox 6
Dodgers 4
Rangers 4

There's a lot of history going against the Cubs. The team with the best record hasn't won it this decade. They will be facing a team with a dominant ace (in the first round it will be either Madison Bumgardner or Noah Syndegaard). The best of five series is unforgiving and the best team often doesn't win. Even if they win the first series, they'll probably face Clayton Kershaw, another dominant ace. They haven't won it in 108 years and have a ton of pressure on them.

But...they are the best team in baseball. They are the team to beat. They are healthy and rested. They are managed by someone who knows how to keep them relaxed.

For the first time in my life it isn't crazy to believe the Cubs will in it all.

I have tickets for NLCS Game 7, a game that may or not ever happen. And I'll be watching or listening to the rest of the games just like anyone else. No lucky shirts. No praying. I realize that nothing I say, write or do will have any impact on whether or not they win.

So...I'm just going to try and enjoy it for once

Can't wait for Friday night.