Friday, December 16, 2016

Another Sign FCC Chairman Will Be Missed

Radio group owners hated him.

Among the reasons given in this linked interview of radio group owners...

"He failed to take any action on multiple ownership, especially the newspaper cross-ownership rule or the radio market sub-caps."

"I don’t think that Chairman Wheeler has been proactive on behalf of broadcasters."

"Regulatory radio rules remain stagnant and out of date while new media industries around us continue to grow and thrive."

If I can translate for you, these guys believe the only way to improve their business is to buy more radio stations. The Chairman realized that isn't true. I'm with the chairman on this one. I also love the cracks in the article about how he played politics with the not allowing the telecom giants to gouge and create different internet lanes for the big boys. I'm with the chairman on that too.

They have it back now. The Wild Wild West will be returning soon. Innovation will be the form of consolidation and internet know, to *improve* the public airwaves.

Black is white. Up is down.