Monday, February 27, 2017

The Oscars

What a crazy ending to last night's Academy Awards broadcast. (The Hollywood Reporter has more details) So, here's the scoop, after all the chips have fallen. It wasn't Warren Beatty's fault that the wrong name ("La La Land") was read. He really did get the wrong card that said "Emma Stone, La La Land". The Academy accidentally created two of those cards (Emma had the other). When the producer made a mad scramble to get the correct envelope (as a producer...I feel for him. He's going to be destroyed), he handed it to Warren Beatty to explain what happened. But then the producer of "La La Land" grabbed the card out of Warren's hand and delivered it to the people from "Moonlight". Meanwhile, in the press room, Emma Stone was telling everyone that Warren wasn't telling the truth because she had her card the whole time. She just didn't know that there were two (Why were there two? Who knows?).

Follow all of that? Sheesh.

Anyway, it's a bummer for both the "La La Land" folks and the "Moonlight" folks. "Moonlight" in particular got a raw deal because they were essentially deprived of their big moment--it had a bit of a stink on it.

It's also a bummer for Jimmy Kimmel if you ask me. I thought he was absolutely terrific as the host of the show. Totally nailed it. He looked calm and collected, breezy and hilarious.