Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Chickenman Podcast

From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Dick Orkin’s “Chickenman” is reincarnated as a podcast, which could be a natural format for the comic series about the clueless crime-fighter created in 1966 for Chicago’s top 40 WCFL/1000. Orkin was ’CFL’s production director and he quickly had a huge hit on his hands, which eventually unfolded into 273 episodes that were nationally syndicated. Now Scripps-owned Midroll Media is putting Chickenman on its “Stitcher Premium” podcasting tier. Other offerings in Stitcher Premium’s Earwolf line include its calling-card “Comedy Bang Bang,” plus newcomers like “Off Book,” billed as “the improvised musical podcast.” Also a couple of podcasts connected to the Midroll-owned “Cracked” humor site. Scripps bought Cracked last year for $39 million.