Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dr. Demento

One of the biggest thrills of my radio career was when two of my songs (written during the Ebony & Ivory days) were played on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show. I still have the personal note he sent me saying he would playing them, and I still have the shows themselves (on vinyl). Sorry to see that Dr. Demento is currently going through some rough times. From the RAMP Newsletter...

We would like to extend our most sincere condolences to radio legend Barret "Barry" Hansen, better known and loved as Dr. Demento, on the passing of his wife, Sue Hansen. The good doctor posted this heartbreaking update on his Facebook page, which read, in part, "Sad times in the Land of Dementia -- Sue Hansen, my wife, love and helpmate for 34 years, died at 12:30am on Sunday, September 10, after a month-long illness. She was just 65. Sue saved my life and my sanity at a time when I was sorely tempted by the fast times of the L.A. radio and record business in the 1980s. We never had children (our mutual decision, for several reasons) but richly enjoyed each other's company, and I learned a whole lot about life and love from her."

Hansen continued, "On August 15 Sue was admitted to the hospital. Despite their efforts including emergency surgery and dialysis, her condition continued to get worse. I was totally unprepared for how fast she was taken from me. The Dr. Demento Show will go on (and you will continue to hear Sue's voice saying, 'The Doctor is In!' at the start of each show) but this will be a very hard one to get over." -- Dr. Demento