Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hancock Time Capsule

Yesterday employees at 875 N. Michigan Avenue (the former Hancock) opened up the time capsule that was placed there in 1968. What was in the time capsule?

1. Microfilm (they have no idea what’s on it)
2. Letter from Mayor Richard J. Daley
3. Wooden section of John Hancock’s staircase from his home
4. 1968 Chicago Cubs signed baseball (by whole team)
5. Piece of Eiffel Tower
6. Postage stamps from 1968 (value 6 cents)
7. Business Cards – stack of them signed by employees of John Hancock Insurance Co
8. Golden Bull-from Chicago Bulls
9. Roll of film (no idea what is on it)
10. Letter written by John Hancock (dated 1792)
11. Medallion commemorating 150 anniv of state of IL
12. Crystal elephant given by Sen. Everett Dirksen (R)
13. Unmarked Hockey Puck given by Chicago Blackhawks
14. Book written by then IL Gov. Otto Kerner: Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
15. Rock from original IL state capitol building
16. Microfilm (no one knows what’s on it)
17. Lapel pin and business card from US Senator Charles Percy (R)
18. A conductor’s baton
19. Patch from Eugene Cernan
20. Declaration of Independence replica

It will be on display at the Hancock (I'm still calling it that) beginning Wednesday.