Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Everyone Loves Minutia Men

We have well over 200 five-star reviews on iTunes. Thanks so much for all the kind words. Here are a few recent ones...

More Useful Than Wikipedia
5 stars in iTunes by S Master Flex from Canada on January 22, 2019
These boys know their stuff and have also had brief encounters with nearly every important person in the history of the world. (example episode 57 Rick encounters Bob Feldman) Seriously, an entertaining podcast about anything and everything! You will not be disappointed checking them out and adding them to your weekly podcast cycle!

A Great Morning Show For Any Time
5 stars in iTunes by Sknapp09 from USA on January 14, 2019
Very professionally done and the hosts have great chemistry! You get all the benefits of a great morning talk radio show with none of the trouble of listening to the radio.

Check It Out!
5 stars in iTunes by Home Video Hustle from USA on January 10, 2019
Right off the bat i was engaged with this podcast becuase the hosts have great chemistry and the episodes are quick bursts of comedy that make you want to binge multiple episodes. Topics are varied and never monotonous and i guarantee you will enjoy every bit of minutia.

Love Rick and Dave's Sense of Humor
5 stars in iTunes by Tim O'B from USA on January 7, 2019
I really like their sense of humor and glad I discovered this podcast. You can tell they've got this thing down and know how to entertain and keep you company between the ear buds. So glad I discovered it this week. Where have I been?

What a blast!
5 stars in iTunes by Pod Addict T from USA on January 4, 2019
Super fun show, great chemistry, lots of laugh, and tons of fun guests!