Tuesday, October 15, 2019

DVR for Radio

This is actually a pretty exciting technological development. Info courtesy of the RAMP Newsletter...

Entercom today announced the roll-out of RADIO.COM REWIND, an exciting new technology that gives listeners the ability to pause and rewind live radio, enabling users to consume their favorite shows and stations when its most convenient to them. The feature automatically records the broadcast and makes it easy for the user to navigate to their favorite show and begin listening at any point of the broadcast. This new functionality marks the first-ever all-in-one on-demand audio experience for broadcast radio content.

RADIO.COM REWIND unlocks the flexibility to consume broadcast radio content within 24 hours of airing. This feature allows listeners to fast-forward to live content at any time, resume their listening experience from where they left off and select a playback speed up to two times the original speed. In the coming months, users will also be able to share moments of live broadcast radio content for distribution on social media and via email.