Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Clubs

Remember, if your book club wants to read an Eckhartz Press book, and you happen to live in the Chicago area, feel free to ask the author to attend. (E-mail either or to co-ordinate). If his or her schedule allows, our authors are always happy to participate.

"The Living Wills" is a year old now, but Brendan Sullivan and I are still appearing at book clubs all the time. I did one last night in Winfield, Illinois. Brendan will be doing one tonight in Beverly--he's been doing a ton of them (including the one in the photo above).

Kim Strickland ("Down at the Golden Coin"), Randy Richardson ("Cheeseland"), and Felitsitas Sudendorf ("A Reluctant Immigrant"--our Helgard Press book) would also be happy to attend a book club in the Chicago area. We'll even supply a list of discussion questions if you'd like them.

We're guessing that "The Balding Handbook" isn't really Book Club material...unless you've got a Bald Guys Book Club. If that hasn't been started up yet, by the way, it's never to late, fellas. Dave will bring the dip.