Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Comcast Calls Customer's Employer And Gets Him Fired

I've heard lots of stories about Comcast and how evil they can be (which is why we dropped them years ago and will never return). You may remember the story a few months ago of the poor sap who was simply trying to cancel, and was badgered by the customer service rep. At the time, Comcast said it was a rogue employee.

This story is worse by a million times.

If it's true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, Comcast was embroiled in another dispute with a customer (which sounds completely consistent with the kinds of stories I've heard about what it's like to deal with them when there is a billing problem). Instead of fixing it, they made it worse. Then, when the customer (an accountant) presented them with a spreadsheet of why they were overbilling him and charging him for things he can't use, doesn't use, or doesn't want, they called his employer (an accounting firm they also did business with) and had him fired.

You have to read the entire thing at the link above. If corporations are people too, this one is really has all of their eggs in the "there is no afterlife" basket.