Friday, July 24, 2015

Lafayette Shooter

There was yet another shooting in a movie theater last night, and the Daily Beast reported this...

A TV host who occasionally had Lafayette theater shooter John Russell Houser on his show says the assailant was a “radical guy.” “He was on from time to time because he was a very radical person with radical views,” Calvin Floyd told NBC News. “He was a Republican and then I would have someone with a real strong Democrat view on.” Floyd also answered “no” when asked if he was surprised that Houser is accused of shooting up the Louisiana movie theater. “The association I had with him was for entertainment,” he said. “He was very entertaining. He made for good TV and when it was over, you would leave shaking your head.”

The whole idea of putting someone on the air who is so crazy you aren't surprised in the least when they shoot up a movie theater, is not Good TV. That's morally bankrupt TV.

By the way, yesterday was the 204th day of the year, and the Lafayette shooting was the 204th mass shooting of the year.