Monday, August 24, 2015

How Not To Run A Sales Department

I know that times are tough in radio and television ad sales, but this story from the Courthouse News in Arkansas is unbelievable...

"Defendants were at risk of not obtaining this lucrative, advertising business account. It was during this time of high stress and pressure to obtain this account that plaintiff was requested to perform sexual acts or favors for potential male clients to obtain advertising business for defendants," she says.

There was nothing subtle about it, Easby-Smith says. She claims that Wilkinson "specifically requested and pressured plaintiff to bypass the adverting agency, contact the large, potential client directly, call immediately, and do whatever was necessary to obtain their business for defendants, including performing inappropriate sexual acts or favors. Defendant Wilkinson verbally requested and demonstrated the type of sexual acts that he said plaintiff should engage in to obtain the large, advertising client for the monetary advancement of defendants' business."

Easby-Smith says she became "physically sickened, shocked and stunned by the request," which she refused.
Not only did they allegedly tell her to do this, they allegedly fired her when she didn't get the account.