Friday, September 11, 2015

As the Sumner Turns

Viacom and CBS Chairman Sumner Redstone's life is like a soap opera, and not in a good way. He may be a billionaire, but let's just say that he has never exactly attained happiness. Read his autobiography sometime. You will hate him when you finish reading it. (It's not always a good thing to own your own publishing company--in his case Simon & Schuster--and have all your employees hate you. A good editor would have saved him from publicly saying some of the horrible things he said.)

Here's the latest twist and turn, courtesy of the New York Post...

The media mogul’s split last week from longtime girlfriend Sydney Holland is being met with a sigh of relief by a host of advisers to the ailing executive, who have long complained about feeling she kept them away from Redstone and left in the dark about his state of health, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

Redstone threw Holland out of his gated Beverly Hills mansion after accusing her of cheating on him, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke news of the split. Holland’s exit may not be the end of the drama surrounding Redstone, however. Manuela Herzer, Redstone’s former girlfriend who still lives in the mansion, may be the next to go, sources said. Herzer and Holland, once close, have had a falling out too, sources said. Herzer couldn’t be reached for comment.

The nonagenarian’s messy personal life has been a concern for investors who question whether he is still fit to hold the title of executive chairman of CBS and Viacom.