Friday, September 04, 2015

David Kaplan Leaves WGN

From this morning's NOW column...

David Kaplan spent 20 years doing sports for Tribune’s WGN Chicago (720), but recently found there was less work there. As the Chicago Tribune says, “His duties and the station’s direction shifted this year, with the loss of Cubs games and the demise of The Game, WGN’s ill-fated one-year foray into FM sports talk radio” on a leased Channel 6 TV station. Kaplan’s “leaving to join rival WMVP 1000,” says the Tribune. Kaplan will host the noon-2pm “Kap and Co.” on Disney-owned/ESPN-run WMVP starting September 16.

I've previously interviewed Kaplan (in 2011) for Chicago Radio Spotlight. You can read that here.