Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Grading the GOP Debate

Ana Marie Cox of the Daily Beast has graded each of last night's debate participants on style and substance ( Yes, it's snarky, but beneath the snark is an actual review.

Here's her Donald Trump review, for instance...

Donald Trump

Style: A+

Why the f**k not? He was 100 percent Trump, 100 percent of the time. Sarah Palin word salad in a baggy suit and spray-on tan, he plans to govern via reaction GIF.

Substance: F-

He talks about foreign policy like the guy who gives directions to the taxi driver, loudly and slowly in case the driver doesn’t speak English. Doesn’t tip. Wants to kill innocent people and shut down the Internet, not necessarily in that order. Has been accused of not knowing what “the nuclear triad” is, but, on the other hand: “The power and the devastation are very important to me.”

Overall: Dogs**t ground into your living room carpet.