Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Scott Weiland's Ex-Wife Tells the Unvarnished Truth

This is a jaw-droppingly honest account of what Scott Weiland was really like--told by his ex-wife (and mother of his children) in Rolling Stone magazine. (You can read it here). It's a gut-wrenching read. Here's a small taste...

Even after Scott and I split up, I spent countless hours trying to calm his paranoid fits, pushing him into the shower and filling him with coffee, just so that I could drop him into the audience at Noah's talent show, or Lucy's musical. Those short encounters were my attempts at giving the kids a feeling of normalcy with their dad. But anything longer would often turn into something scary and uncomfortable for them. Spending so many years immersed in Scott's multiple illnesses led to my own depression; at one point, I was misdiagnosed as bipolar. I feared the same would happen to the children. There were times that Child Protective Services did not allow him to to be alone with them.