Friday, March 25, 2016

An Offended Massachusetts Writer

I love this. I made this same point when Donald Trump ripped the Cubs owners, but I'm biased. I'm a Cubs fan. The writer of this piece is in Massachusetts...

He has attacked the Chicago Cubs. He has threatened to take out ads telling everyone what a "rotten job'' the team's owners are doing with a club that regularly packs beloved Wrigley Field with adoring fans, rebuilt a struggling team with loads of young talent and a Yoda-like manager, and in 2015 had the third-best record of 30 teams in baseball, not counting a playoff series victory over the mighty St. Louis Cardinals - 101 victories in all.

Some places, you just don't go. Come on, now, who among us could not forgive Trump for ridiculing John McCain, a man beaten to a pulp by the North Vietnamese for five years in service to America while Trump was investing daddy's millions?

Shoot, that's just a guy telling it like it is, right, you Trumpies? But not this.

That's because with the Cubs, Trump is telling it like it isn't. This is worse than being repugnant, it's being ill-informed to the point of being clueless and stupid, which for a President would not seem like a good thing.

Say it, brother. Say it.