Monday, March 21, 2016

Around the Publishing World (March 21)

At Chicago Author Solutions (a division of Eckhartz Press), we stay on top of happenings/trends in the publishing world to help out busy writers who are spending their time doing what they should be doing: writing.

1. 12 Social Media Tools You Might Not Know
We are not social media experts, but the writer of this piece surely is. He reveals several new places to explore in this social media world.

2. The difference between ebook formatting and conversion
We offer both of these services at Chicago Author Solutions, but most writers don't quite understand the difference. This is a good primer.

3. Books that have been unfairly maligned
Two New York Times writers debate which books they believe have been unfairly criticized. See if you agree with them, and add your own suggestions.

4. How pitching a novel is like being in the Secret Service
This is a comparison we would never make, but that's because we've never been Secret Service agents. The writer of this piece has. Interesting read.

5. Conan's grammatical take on classic rock: