Monday, March 07, 2016

John Rook 1969

This incredible video is from 1969. It's a sales-tool used by WLS Radio in those days to explain to advertisers the theory and appeal behind WLS. Fascinating in retrospect. Also makes me think that working for John Rook (who passed away last week) would have been a little scary. Sounds a bit like a control freak. (On the other hand, Larry Lujack said Rook was the best program director he ever worked for, so I suppose if Larry could handle him, he couldn't have been too bad.)

The film is voiced by Clark Weber. (H/t to Robert Feder who posted this video in his column this morning)

P.S. The music absolutely blows, too. Think of the great music that was out in 1969, and then listen to the music in this video. Yikes.