Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Minutia Men

Thanks so much to Robert Feder for the nice mention of my upcoming podcast "Minutia Men"...

Rick Kaempfer, author, blogger, media critic, longtime Chicago radio producer and publisher of Eckhartz Press, is adding podcaster to his credits. Starting May 5, Kaempfer and co-publisher David Stern will co-host “Minutia Men,” a weekly podcast for the Radio Misfits network at Produced by Tony Lossano’s Oppih Productions, it’ll feature Kaempfer and Stern sharing stories and drawing on their vast treasures of worthless information (hence the title).

More info to come soon. I'll be on Lossano and Friends! on Saturday explaining the show a bit more, and then we debut next week.

Heading out of the office this morning. I'll be with "Monkey in the Middle" author Dobie Maxwell at Mancow's show.