Friday, July 29, 2016

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a quiet birthday because two of my kids are out of town at boy scout camp. Those two did text me the following picture from the campsite...

My mom called me at exactly 12:57pm...the time of my birth. She does that every year. Thanks Mom.

My aunt Trudy sent me this picture, from my 11th birthday. It was the day she was married in 1974, and I was standing up to the wedding...

My wife also wished me a happy birthday on the phone. She didn't get to see me all day, because I spent my birthday at my favorite place in the world...Wrigley Field. I was really rolling the dice on this one. I attended the Cubs/Sox game with my Cub-hating friend (and business/podcast partner) Dave.

God smiled on us in the very last row of the upper deck. The Cubs won the game!

When I got home from the game (around 11:30), my oldest son wished me happy birthday and gave me a present (left at the house by sister), and a sheepish look that clearly said "Whoops, if she hadn't of dropped this off there's no way I would have remembered."

He asked, "Did you get a few birthday greetings at facebook?"

"A few," I replied.

"How many?"

I looked it up. "Around 400 or so."

"How many facebook friends do you have?"

I looked it up. "Around 2200."

"So, I'm not the only one who forgot your birthday," he said.

He had a big grin on his face.