Monday, August 22, 2016

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

This is one of the more unusual radio stories I've ever heard. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Chicago’s WHPK/88.5 goes dark, but not due to flooding or lightning. It’s bed-bugs. And if you think that’s funny, you’ve probably never had an infestation of them, because they’re a real plague. They’ve got bed-bugs at the studios of University of Chicago-owned variety non-com WHPK, says the Hyde Park Herald, and the station’s gone dark “to keep the bed-bugs from spreading to the rest of the Reynolds Club.” WHPK occupies space there, at 5706 South University Avenue. The administration acknowledges that “WHPK is an important part of our campus community,” but right now, it’s necessary to close it down while the anti-bug crusade goes on. Even worse, according to DNA Info-Chicago - authorities are now checking the homes of all the jocks at WHKP – 70 of them. They’d hoped to return WHPK to the air last Monday, but the school insists that an exterminator inspect the home of every volunteer and employee. (It’s extremely easy to get a re-infestation, and then you have to start all over again.) If you’re feeling just a little itchy yourself right now…well, that’s the power of the mind.