Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Rush Re-Ups

I believe the beginning of the end of civil political discourse in this country happened when the Fairness Doctrine was discarded at the end of the 80s. It was no longer necessary to provide "equal time" for the other side when discussing issues, and full-throated "news you want to hear" replaced actual news.

The leader of this talk radio movement was El Rushbo, the true king of talk radio in this country. He has rode this wave to a huge fortune. He's not nearly as powerful as he once was, but he's still going strong on the radio airwaves. Yesterday he signed a deal to continue. From Radio Insight...

With his previous contract expiring at the end of July, Conservative Talker Rush Limbaugh has come to terms on a new contract to remain in syndication with iHeartMedia and their Premiere Radio Networks.

Little in the way of details were announced regarding the new deal other than it is a long-term multi-platform agreement to keep Limbaugh in place for his 12-3pm eastern syndicated program. He celebrated the start of his 29th year in syndication on Monday. No financial terms or length of the deal are known at this time.

You can kind of tell that it wasn't a huge deal like his last one because Rush would be trumpeting the dollar figures if it was.