Wednesday, August 03, 2016

WLS Reunites Big John Howell & Ramblin Ray

This is pretty big news on the local radio front. Howell has been hosting the morning show at WLS for the past year or so. Ray has been co-hosting the morning show at US-99 for many years. But every time I talked to Ray, he always mentioned his old radio partner Big John. It's clear they have remained close friends even though their careers had taken different paths.

According to Robert Feder's column this morning, Ray is making a big leap. He's leaving US-99 and reuniting with his old co-host Big John. He's not only leaving the safety of his old station (after 26 years), he's jumping into a completely different format (talk-radio). That's a big, big change.

LATE UPDATE: It also means that big changes are afoot at US-99. Ray's co-host Lisa Dent is out. Robert Feder has the details.