Monday, October 10, 2016

Bobby Skafish at WLS

I spent Friday afternoon with Bobby Skafish at the brand new WLS studios in the NBC Tower. Talk about swanky...

Saw a few friends and former colleagues there, including Steve Dahl. Steve started the interview by noting that Bobby's book was published by former Steve & Garry producer Rick Kaempfer. After taking a little swipe at me ("He can do a whole book?"), he said maybe he should have gone with me as his publisher.

The Bobby interview was also a rekindling of a past relationship. The two men once worked just down the hall from each other (about twenty feet or so away), and a lot of the interviews mentioned in the book "We Have Company" were shared interviews. I often stood outside Bobby's studio when he had rock stars in there to corral them to appear on Steve & Garry's show immediately afterwards.

I thought Dag Juhlin in particular did a great job of interview prep for this. He read and enjoyed the book and had some great questions. Thanks again to the whole Steve Dahl crew for having Bobby on the show.