Monday, October 10, 2016

The Access Hollywood Tape

I'm not going to bother posting the video here. You've all seen it by now. I just have one comment about that tape. Trump said it was typical locker room banter, and there is an element of it that was, particularly when talking about the woman in the purple dress. However, the other part of the discussion, about what celebrities can get away with it, was not typical at all. Nobody talks about forcing themselves on women like that. They just don't.

That's probably why Billy Bush got suspended from the Today Show.

Donald didn't get suspended, of course, but his declaration last night that he never actually did it is going to blow up in his face. You know he did it (that's why he keeps Tic Tacs in his pocket), and you know those stories are going to start coming out now. He should have just thrown himself at the mercy of the country and shown even the tiniest bit of remorse for his words and actions. He didn't. He couldn't. It's not part of his DNA.

And it will be his undoing.

LATE UPDATE: It appears there will be more tapes coming out. It's just a matter of time.