Monday, November 07, 2016

Fox News Steps In It

If you've tuned out of the election like I have (thank you Cubs), you may have missed this story last week. Fox News anchor Brett Baier, one of the actual journalists on the station, reported that Hillary was facing an imminent indictment.

Only one problem with that. It wasn't true. Not even close.

He reported this bombshell given to him by one anonymous source (I'm guessing it rhymes with Muliani) as fact, and of course, the Trump campaign rolled with it. Even after it was proven false by actual reporting, Trump continued to say it. His spokesperson Kellyanne Conway said it didn't matter if he continued to say it or not, because "the damage has already been done."

That's like walking in on a stabbing taking place, and asking the person to stop stabbing, and the stabber calmly replies "Don't worry, I'm sure he's already dead" as he continues to stab.

Baier, to his credit, has retracted the story and apologized.

Trump will never do either.