Friday, November 18, 2016

Halle's Underwear

Saw this in the N'DIGO newsletter. Christmas gift idea...

She's been called one of the "sexiest women alive." And, Now you can wear the exact same underwear set (and hopefully gain the exact same self-assurance) as Halle Berry when re-launch’s Scandale, an 80-year-old luxury lingerie label that will now be available for affordable prices at Target. The ten-piece collection prices will range from $7 to $18.

Halle stated “I understand that women want to feel sexy and beautiful and they want to have undergarments that are very functional, but to still feel beautiful when we take our clothes off. 'I decided for my own evolution as a woman and an entrepreneur, it’s time for me to step out and really be part owner of something that I believed in and not just lend my name to a brand,' she said. Just in time for Christmas. Dazzle him.

That's one of those gifts that you buy for your wife or girlfriend, but it's really for you, and she knows it as soon as she opens the present. You can tell by the eye rolling.

"But honey, this is for your self assurance and evolution as a woman!"

"Uh huh. Right."