Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sean Hannity is a Hack

He is now proposing that mainstream news outlets not be given White House press credentials because they favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Among those outlets he says should not be allowed to cover the White House: The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and anyone else revealed to have communicated with the Clinton campaign by Wikileaks.

He says this in all seriousness. Without irony. Without awareness. A member of the media suggesting we revoke the freedom of the press because reporters were contacting a campaign--which is their job.

I read those e-mails. That's your smoking gun? Other than Donna Brazile providing a debate question (And she was fired for that, by the way), there was NOTHING there. If you saw the e-mails going to Trump (which you didn't--because the Russians only hacked one side), you would have found the exact same thing. This is how reporters do their jobs. They ask for comment, they develop relationships, they cultivate sources. This is how the public finds out information.

Sean Hannity, who once edited in bigger crowds at Tea Party rallies to make it look like they were more popular than they actually were, is claiming bias. Sean Hannity, who works for a "news" network that had a CEO openly ADVISING Trump, is claiming bias. Sean Hannity, who leans so far to the right his right shoulder actually scrapes the ground when he walks, is claiming bias.

That hacky piece of crap is suggesting we subvert the First Amendment because actual journalists were doing their actual jobs instead of blowing Donald Trump like he did.


I'm so happy I'm out of the satire business. A hack like Hannity is impossible to satirize. You couldn't create a more bald-faced political hack if you tried.