Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eric & Kathy Renewed

Eric and Kathy have renewed their contracts, so Chicago's top rated morning radio show will continue to roll on.

Radio Ink has the details.

Over the years I've interviewed all the members of the show multiple times. You can check a few of those out here.

I remember the humble beginnings of the Eric and Kathy show. I was recruited to come in and produce the show when they were still located out in Skokie (before Eric was hired) and I declined. But I recommended a friend of mine for the gig, and he was the perfect hire. John "Swany" Swanson is still their producer 20+ years later. (He also co-wrote "The Radio Producer's Handbook" with me. For a blast to the past, check out this interview of the two of us from Lake Magazine in 2004. We were interviewed by ABC-TV news reporter Andy Shaw).