Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The White Wash Press Corp

What is Trump planning to do to the press in retaliation for covering him accurately and quoting him correctly using his own words? Tom Taylor's NOW column has a preview...

Radio talk-hosts likely gain more prominence at the Trump White House. Donald Trump would probably enjoy tweaking the establishment press by having a lightning rod like InfoWars host Alex Jones visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Or some of the other radio talk show personalities who picked up his banner last year. Like many other things in the Trump administration, things are fluid. But you’ve probably heard about the option of relocating the press corps out of the White House to the Old Executive Office Building, or elsewhere. Part of the thinking (says Trump spokesman Sean Spicer) is the chance to “involve more people, be more transparent, have more accessibility” compared to the 49-seat West Wing press briefing room. And, per The Guardian, Spicer says that’s because “a lot of talk radio and bloggers...can’t fit in right now...because they’re not part of the Washington elite media.” Meaning the officially-accredited White House press corps. Spicer says letting talk radio hosts ask him or Trump a question would be “a positive thing...it’s more democratic.”

For those of you cackling at the payback to the press, be careful what you wish for. With all these people in the room, Trump can avoid ever talking to actual trained professional reporters--the essential Free Press that has been the hallmark of this country. Reality is about to be replaced by fever-swamp fantasy. Or as the Trump spokesman put it..."it's more democratic".