Monday, January 09, 2017


I first heard of the radio station KSHE when I was in college in Champaign. I was working at WPGU and a former WPGU employee came to speak to us. He was the program director of KSHE; Rick Balis. Rick later became my boss at the Loop in Chicago, before returning to KSHE.

I mention this because Rick and KSHE are in the news today, courtesy of the RAMP Newsletter...

KSHE 95/St. Louis was one of the very first radio stations to play rock music on the FM band, and now, almost 50 years after its November 1967 birth, KSHE is the longest-running rock station in the world. Today, in honor of its half-century of excellent service to the Rock format, KSHE launches "The KSHE 50th Anniversary Real Rock Museum" at

KSHE PD Rick Balis said, "So many talented people have contributed, throughout our 50 years, to make KSHE 95 what it is today. It's actually amazing. More amazing, though, is the incredible listeners that we have had and have today. It's rare. And, we cherish those relationships. The relationships are 'generational' -- grandparents, their kids and the kids of those kids are listeners today." Balis added, "The KSHE 50th Anniversary Real Rock Museum is a tribute to both the contributors and the listeners."

Congrats to Rick and KSHE for this achievement.