Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Ten Most Uplifting Songs According to Science

This is a really interesting article in Inc. This is a list put together by a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Gronigen in the Netherlands. How did he come up with it: "The formula I came up with takes the number of positive lyrical elements in a song, and divides that by how much a song deviates from 150 bpm and from the major key."

Gotta admit, it's a pretty uplifting list. The number one song on this list is my middle son Johnny's favorite song in the whole world.

10. Katrina and the Waves--Walking on Sunshine
9. Gloria Gaynor--I Will Survive
8. Bon Jovi--Livin' On A Prayer
7. Cyndi Lauper--Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
6. The Monkees--I'm a Believer
5. Survivor--Eye of the Tiger
4. Billy Joel--Uptown Girl
3. The Beach Boys--Good Vibrations
2. ABBA--Dancing Queen

And this is the number one most uplifting song. It was never released as a single, and it was never a hit, but it really is an uplifting song. Makes you want to go out and do stuff...