Friday, March 17, 2017

Mr. Potter Takes Questions

Incredible sight yesterday in the White House press room. Budget director Mick Mulvaney stepped to the microphone to explain Trump's budget, and came off as one of the most heartless pricks in the world. And he seemed to relish it. There was palpable contempt in his voice for the less fortunate.

After a question about a world wide humanitarian crisis--millions are starving--he was asked if he was REALLY going to cut foreign aid to those impoverished areas. He smiled and said "Yes".

After a question about Meals on Wheels he said there was no evidence it was a successful program. "If it doesn't get results, we won't fund it." (What results? It's feeding people)

He said the same thing after a question about after-school programs that feed needy kids. Bye bye now.

Now, I don't believe some of these things are really going to be cut (a third of the State Department? At a time of unprecedented strife around the world? I don't think so). But it was still startling to see him in action.

I get that we're in financial duress. I get that things will need to be cut. But you don't have to love doing it. He clearly does. He practically had a boner when he was discussing these things.

Mr. Potter would have been proud.