Monday, March 06, 2017

This is our president?

The crazy dial was turned all the way to 11 this weekend.

President Trump read a conspiracy theory on Breitbart--created out of thin air by conspiracy theory talk radio host Mark Levin. He posted a series of tweets accusing the former president of wiretapping Trump Tower. 34 minutes later he tweeted about The Apprentice.

Put that into perspective, if you will...

Then, the entire right wing media world goes with it. Spokespeople are sent out to defend it. Again, without any evidence at all--other than a crazy conspiracy theory article. By the end of the weekend, the head of the House Intelligence Committee says he will investigate this. (The same guy who has been saying the Russia story is nonsense--despite 17 intelligence agencies saying it is real).

Then the FBI Director says it's NOT TRUE. There was no wiretap.

And Trump says he doesn't believe it.

He believes the conspiracy theory. He doesn't believe the FBI. This is the president of the United States.

The Washington Post has 17 sources in this story this morning talking about what a white-hot-mess the White House is these days. 17 sources. The Breitbart article has one source--a conspiracy theory-peddling right wing radio talk show host.

I think Joe Scarborough summed it up best...