Monday, April 17, 2017

Alternate Information Land

I enjoy going to parties because I often run into people who live in Alternate Information Land.

This weekend in Alternative Information Land I learned the Wikileaks dump that revealed CIA collection techniques proves the CIA actually is behind this whole Russian hacking story. You see, the CIA has a way of making it look like the Russians are a source of information.

So naturally, the CIA created the hack of our election. It's now proven.

Not following me?

Obviously the CIA hacked into the DNC, released Hillary's and John Podesta's e-mails to make Hillary look bad, which they knew would bring suspicion onto Donald Trump, who they wanted to discredit before the election so he would lose to the person who looked so bad because of those leaked e-mails. Diabolical. They must have figured that even if Hillary somehow lost because she was made to look so bad by these CIA-stolen e-mails, that the backup plan would be to get Trump in trouble later by having all these CIA-created fake Russian contacts.

It's the only possible explanation. It's proven.

It's the incredibly diabolically efficient deep-state within the can't-get-anything-right government doing what it does best: Targeting virtuous Republicans who want to do nothing more than fix this broken country.

(And scene.)

That's this week's trip into Alternate Information Land. Note: The above logic was presented to me with the utmost confidence by a college educated intelligent person who really believes this because he or she has heard it in "the media". Sources not provided to me.